A Memorable Visit to Ho-Chi-Minh City



Ho Chi Minh City or the HCMC is also called Saigon. It is the South Vietnamese city that is had pivotal role during the Vietnam War.

ho-chi-minhrfcIt’s has some of the best colonial French architecture, that includes the famous Notre-Dame Basilica which has been made entirely using the material imported from France.  The neoclassical Central Post Office at Saigon is another big draw for the tourists who wish to see its architectural wonders.

Ho Chi Minh City or the HCMC is also Vietnam’s largest city. Yu would have to be slightly careful while crossing the streets here as it gets far too chaotic with all sorts of traffic trying to make a way for itself! Here you will find hordes of bicycles, cars, Motorbikes, rickshaws as well as pedestrians milling everywhere you go!

Since this was a hub of wartime activity during the Vietnam War, you will find many interesting facts about it preserved in famous War Remnants Museum as well as the Cu-Chi Tunnels. The museum is historical, although you may not find good English translation for quite a few things.

The city has fantastic nightlife, great shopping experience and delicious food joints along the city’s streets near the busy Ben Thanh Market.

When you are there, you must visit the following-

ho-chi-minhtThe famous Cu-Chi Tunnels – This is the extensive 500 km long network of tunnels made by the Viet-Cong during the 1960s while fighting the American soldiers. They were meant for the locals who have a small body frame and so if you are a burly person, you may find it difficult to crawl through them!

There are conducted tours where you are explained about the tunnels and the horrors of Vietnam War.

Museum of the HCMC – This is different from the “Ho-Chi-Minh Museum” and is an erstwhile Governor’s Palace. It has a huge collection of weapons and artifacts that dates back to the country’s revolutionary struggle.  You can also see many U.S. tanks and fighter planes captured during the war.

War Remnants Museum – This is a “must-see” if you have an interest in Vietnam’s combat with the French as well as the Americans. This has an entrance fee of 15,000 VND but is well worth it as you get to see glimpses of its recent past.

An evening in Chinatown – The Chinatown has a number of restaurants, temples, jade ornaments, and electronic shops and is usually bustling with activity.

Cao-Dai Holy Temple – This is a relatively new temple and is very ornate and impressive.

ho-chi-minh1Notre Dame Cathedral – This imposing brick-red building is reminiscent of the French who built it between the years 1877 and 1883.  It has two 58 meters tall towers in front of the main cathedral as well as an arresting statue of the holy Virgin Mary.

Vietnam History Museum – This Museum is a must see for anyone who wishes to learn the events of Vietnam’s colorful historical past and has a great collection of weaponry, ceramics and photographs.

Emperor Jade Pagoda – This is an impressive pagoda which has depictions of deities and intricate carvings.

Gio Island – The beach at the Can-Gio Island is a great place to relax away from the city’s hustle and bustle.  It has a sanctuary for monkeys and also many mangroves, which will surely interest the wildlife fans.



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