A Visit to the Pyramids of Egypt


Travelling to Egypt to see the great pyramids was one of my lifelong dreams that came true in November last year when we traveled to Cairo.  Since childhood, I had been in awe of the huge pyramids and had wondered at the magnitude of the almost unimaginable work which was done in the days when there were neither machines nor the modern construction equipment; and yet they turned out to be so perfect in every manner.

We started early from out hotel and traveled a few miles towards Giza. Watching the most historical buildings of the world appear and loom large in the horizon and grow to their majestic size was a feeling that cannot be described in words!

They seemed to dominate the entire landscape and everything around them appeared so minute and insignificant.

pyr2These were the great pyramid- the Khofu Pyramid (it also seems to be the biggest*), the Pyramid of Menkaure and the Pyramid of Khafra.  There were also many others smaller “Queens’ pyramids” around these in that area.

The mere sight of the mystical monoliths with centuries of history behind them, rising up high in the flat Egyptian desert was as exciting as the stories that surround them.

*although the Khofu’s pyramid is the highest, his son Khafra later build a pyramid on top of the highest point on the you Egyptian plateau,  and that gives an illusion of being the highest; in reality it is shorter by 33 feet.

I had planned to start my day early so that I could make an entry into the Khofu’s pyramid before it was overwhelmed by the hordes of tourists but it could not be because I had to wait for my guide to appear. Without a guide it is next to impossible to get through the maze of Giza pyramids.

The next hour or so went in taking the number of pictures like any other tourist. What is amazing is that almost all pyrmain2the tourists were trying out innovative angles and trick photography to take pictures so that somehow the pyramids appear to be either in their palm or between their hands.

We did not come across many original artifacts’ or mummy because it appears that all the antique items had been taken away to the museum in Cairo so that they are preserved.

Quite a few of course had been stolen by the pyramid thieves in the early days of the discovery of pyramids.

Later, we did visit the Cairo Museum which has quite a few articles of tourist interest in its “Tutankhamen hall” and we had to buy a ticket in order to go inside. It has a ‘Royal mummy room’ which was supposed to have many original mummies, but how would to know the difference?

The Artifacts from the pyramids were unique and inspiring as one could not help the wonder but wonder at the marvelous and advanced civilization that seems to have flourished in ancient Egypt centuries earlier.


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