Copenhagen’s Street Food Haven


Frankly speaking, I did not know that we could expect such a thing as street food at Copenhagen.  Anyway, after we were informed about it by our tour guide, I was excited. After all, a foodie would always like such a thing!

The place was an eye opener and was literally bustling with people, all out to enjoy themselves. It was more like a large shed which had lot of benches along with tables everywhere and you could move around and sit anywhere.

There were many vendors all over and one could easily see what they were making. The very sight, smell and the sound was enough as an appetizer that would urge you to try out something or the other as you moved along.

The History

There is a small history behind how this “Street Food Haven” came into being.  Till very recently, in 2012 Papiroen  which means “Paper-Island”, was a newspaper warehouse and one of the open places along the harbor.

In 2014, it started having street food stalls and was hugely successful.  This encouraged setting up of more stalls and soon it was selling street food from everywhere around the world.

It is one of the most popular places and is likely to stay this way for long time to come.

cop1The layout

There is no formal layout of stalls. It is a mix of many food stalls and food trucks which are lined up neatly in the form of narrow lanes.  We were surprised to see the way these trucks were parked inside such an enclosed space.  There were around 40 such stalls as well as the tracks; all well decorated with a warm and lively look.

How it works

I think the biggest selling point of this entire experiment is the way the food is reasonably priced.  The pricing of most items is between 50 to 80 Krone only and you have to buy a set of coupons at the start point which can be used when you go around the various stalls purchasing whatever you want.

After you have finished your visit, you can return the balance coupons at the exit and collect your cash.  But my guess is that not many people are able to do that because they are likely to finish all the coupons once they are inside.

You have a huge variety of food, with ranges from Local cuisine to Turkish to Korean.  You also get the famous cop2Danish sausages and of course Italian pizza which is a hot favorite amongst most.  What is surprising is the fact that there are any vegetarian offerings too!

And of course in the true Copenhagen tradition, since it is the home of the world famous Carlsberg, you can see many visitors washing down all this with a tall mug of their favorite beer.

In my opinion the street food heaven is a perfect getaway for an evening of indulgence and one of the best places that one could be as far as the street food from all over the world is concerned.

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