Driving along the Wild Atlantic Way


Ireland is a beautiful country which is soon gaining importance in terms of a tourist hot spot because it has so much to offer.

Often referred to as the Emerald Isle,  it’s beautiful West Coastal region is famous for the longest road trip one can get anywhere in the world. It offers one of the most adventurous and scenic drives   you can get anywhere.

This Wild Atlantic Way as it is called is soon inning importance in the circles of adventure tourism.

wild2The Wild Atlantic Way

Most of the diehard travellers who travel by the road in various adventure spots all around the world know about the famous Amalfi Coastal Drive along the Pacific highway in California.  But not many have heard of the wild Atlantic way.

As the name suggests, it is wild and it is exciting- and of course it is along the Atlantic coast.

This is the Ireland’s West Route No – 66 that traverses along one of the most scenic coastlines in the world.

This new trip along the scenic West Coast of Ireland runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the best routes for the car journey in idyllic surroundings.

This is the brainchild of the Tourism Authority of Ireland to come up with new ideas to check the steady decline in its tourism industry and increase the number of people travelling to the western side of the Ireland.

This is a relatively new route that runs all along the Atlantic starting from the Malin Head, which is the northern most point of Ireland to the Mizen Head, its southernmost point.

wild3Discovery Points

Running almost 2500 kilometres this is also the world’s longest route that goes along many “Discovery Points” like the ancient light house near a cliff edge, which not only offers some of the most stunning panoramic views, but also has some unique arrangements for an overnight stay which you will love!

You will also cross the coast of Sligo, famous for its giant waves which go right up to almost 30 metres; while the County Cork will give you ample opportunity for the Whale Spotting Trips if you are inclined to see them.

Then there is also the Donegal Coastline on your way where you can see the far-way spectacle of the famous Northern Lights which will captivate you.

The idea of the wild Atlantic way has taken off and has been travelled by the motorists as well as the fun loving adventurists from all over the world.

Ireland has seen a marked increase in the   number of tourists arriving in the country during the last few years, to witness this – one of the world’s most beautiful area in the natural at pristine surroundings.

Clearly The Wild Atlantic Way is an idea whose time has come.

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