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While travelling to Europe we generally tend to go for places that are well known on the tourist map and you read about them almost everywhere.

But for someone who likes to explore, the real fun lies in discovering new places as well as getting to know the people as well as the countryside which is generally not often visited by others.

town3One of the best ways to do this is to go around in euro rail and get down whenever you want at your own whims and fancies.  I did the same, and discovered quite a few gems during my last trip to Europe.

Gargnano, Italy

This is a typical small Italian village which looks like something straight out of the postcards as it lies in the middle of a country side dotted with numerous pine trees and snow covered mountains all around.

It is a small town which you can discover in one day and I was surprised at the welcome which I received at the various restaurants as well as its little market place.

You can reach this place by taking a train to Brescia, from where you can take the bus to Gargnano.

Annecy, France

This is a small, quiet town of France located in very romantic settings between the canals.  It is a place where we can spend a few days in the quiet and idyllic surroundings and get to know the place as well as the friendly people.

You can go out and explore the whole day or spend a few hours just sitting by the beautiful Annecy Lake; getting back in the evening to the only coffee shop that serves it along with some of the best croissants.

You can reach Annecy from Paris by taking the train and stay in one of the smaller hotels that are very affordable.

town1Kurort Rathen, Germany

This is an enchanting little town in East Germany along the river Elbe.  It’s its beauty lies in its location that is nestled between the Sandstone Mountains that makes it an ideal place to spend a few days away from the crowd.

You can go out and explore the Germans war history in these mountains.

I spent quite a few hours just like a local, indulging in some authentic and refreshing home-grown Spezi along its Riverside Cafe.

To reach this, you have to take the Intercity train going to Dresden and from there catch a take a local train that will take you to Kurort Rathen. Be sure to check out the timings of this local train especially for your return trip as they are not that frequent.

Chamonix, France

Being in this little French Town got me back into the recent past and revived my intimate love of the European Alps as we went on a gondola watching the snow covered peaks all around.

The grandiose of frozen lakes that surrounds Mt Brevent will leave you in complete awe and the virgin countryside of Chamonix is the most breathtaking. If you happen to go to Chamonix, don’t forget to take a trip in a gondola right up to the Mount Brevent.

After visiting such places, I am convinced that you get to see the best of the world along these relatively unknown trails through such Alpine towns of Austria & Italy.

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