Learning To Tango In Argentina


If there is one thing that you will notice about Argentinians is that they are generally fun loving and all of them have a great passion for their traditional Tango dance.  It is a part of the culture and something that seems to be running in their blood.

In case you are planning a visit to Argentina, do not forget to indulge yourself and see one of these great Tango performances. You will be amazed by the extravaganza of beautiful women dressed up in their best and dancing happily to the music that is appealing to the ear.

Buenos Aires has a number of venues where you can watch these performances, but it is better to go for the ones that showcase the best of performers.

During my visit we choose a venue which was well known and I think it was a great evening well spent, and one of the best ways to get a glimpse into the Argentina’s culture of Tango dance and music.

The women looked beautiful in their delicate make-up and gorgeous hairstyles. The way they were delicately dressed did not give any hint about what was to come next – some really vigorous, heart out dancing. Who would imagine they would be doing it so easily that with such big heels!

tango1The Dancing Style

The type of Tango dancing in Argentina is different compared to anywhere else and the first thing that you would notice is that the dancers not keeping much distance from each other; unlike at most places elsewhere.

Argentineans tend to come quite close to each other while doing Tango; so much so that they almost get entwined. No wonder it is also referred to as “sexual dance” by some.

Quite often you would see men picking up their lady partners and swinging them sharply during the dance.   With the bodies in close rhythm it looked almost like the mating dance of peacocks.

As the music filled the air, the dance movements became quicker, depicting the crescendo of the emotion and passion

tango3The Role Tango Dancing Plays

Tango dancing has a huge role to play in Argentinean culture. While you see most of the countries abandoning their traditional dances and culture and going ahead with modernity as well as tourism; the people in Argentina somehow still tend to hold on to their culture of traditional Tango dancing.

Visiting such a country which has deep roots in its culture is a pleasure in itself.

Taking Quick Lessons in Tango

For a visitor one of the biggest past time is to pick up a few steps of Argentinean Tango.  You will find these lessons being given in the hotel or the hostels wherever you are staying. Many Argentineans take pride to teach tourist the basic steps of Tango and see them embrace their own culture.

Learning from the locals is one of the best ways to learn the first few moves of Tango and also immerse yourself in the culture and history of Argentina.

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