My Favorite Markets with a Difference


Every market has a story to tell.  It denotes the culture and tradition of its place, all rolled into one.  Most of the markets depict a particular energy and life which is unique in its own way.

This is a list of my experience of certain markets all around the world, which created a lasting impression because of their unique nature which gives a peep into the host country’s culture and its people.

mktmaimBangkok’s Taling-Chan, the Floating Market

In this market most of the vendors sell their wares from their long wooden boats anchored along the banks or slightly inside the waters.

There are many street food stalls too, which dish out the most original Chinese and Thai cuisine items and are a hot favorite destination for the visitors to the City.

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

Istanbul is a vibrant city with colorful and energetic people.  The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is a Labyrinth of lanes and shops where one can lose their way quite easily.

This is the traditional market and has been a very important trading centre since the early 15 century.  There is an old world charm around it which you are sure to feel as you explore it.  You don’t have to buy anything,  just going around is enough to get a feel of it as you come across shops that sell everything, from carpets to ceramics, lamps to glasses,  jewelry, rugs and also some of the most authentic spices.  In fact there is a separate Egyptian Spice Bazaar nearby which you must visit.

Amsterdam’s Bloemenmarktmkt5

Amsterdam is famous for the flowers and a visit to the nineteenth century Bloemenmarkt will surely make you go tizzy with the very fragrances, colors and the variety of flowers that are sold here.

Of course you will find the famous Tulips in abundance, but that is not the only thing that will take your heart away.  You will find many different varieties of flowers being sold in the tiny floating along the canal.

You can also get the best varieties of seeds, herbs and garden   decorations, as well as the souvenirs for you to carry.

mktmainThe Pushkar Bazaar

The State of Rajasthan in India is synonymous with color and vibrant people, which attracts tourists from all over the world.  The Pushkar Bazaar is a place that showcases this adequately. The best time to be here is before the annual cattle fair (when it gets too over crowded) but any day is good enough if you want to get the feel of this bazaar.

The market is always full of life and you will find all type of items being sold here. What may interest you the most would of course be the traditional items like the bangles, turbans, local jewelry as well as the puppets.

If you get lucky you may also be able to spot a small puppet show going on at the street corners.

Pushkar bazaar is also famous for the delicious sweets and the snacks in the eateries along its streets and will surely give you an appetizing experience.

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