Practical Tips for First Time Traveller to Europe


Most of the people travelling to Europe for the first time tend to make a mistake of trying to squeeze in too much into a short time.

Just like the other places all over the world Europe is much more than just the well known towns and cities. Its main charm lies in the countryside villages and their beautiful surroundings.

Europe is like a huge farmland waiting to be discovered provided you know how to go about it smartly, so that you do not end up wasting your time as well as money.

Here are a few things that you can do –

euro2Be Smart- Get a Schengen Visa

This is perhaps the smartest way of seeing as much of Europe as possible, because it gives access to so many countries.  Most European nations are interconnected and with their boundaries merging, chances are that you will be tempted to go to many other places than what you planned initially. Therefore get a Schengen visa which will give you an access to all these countries.

But to get a Schengen visa you got to have confirmed bookings for your stay as well as travel. You can do it initially just for the purpose of submitting the application, and then cancel to make your own plan after you get your visa.

Leave A Few Things Unplanned

Do make a plan in the best way possible but at the same time keep a few days off as unplanned days during which you would be doing things “as they come”.

This way you will have the flexibility of increasing or decreasing the duration of your stay as per your liking.

Research Well – Get the Best Value for Your Money

Bargains are a way of life almost everywhere, and you will definitely find huge discounted services regularly. Therefore before making your plans and starting your day do carry out a full research.

For example, you will find many Airlines in Europe that would give huge bargains on day-to-day basis and often you can get your tickets which are even cheaper than trains.

Seek out the best aggregators for your trips as well as sightseeing deals.

Euro1Plan Well and Stick To a Budget

After getting a fair idea of what your trip is going to cost in terms of travelling cost, set a budget that will include the travel, accommodation, sightseeing as well as food.

If you do not do this then chances are you might overshoot your budget because things are pretty costly and tempting enough to make you spend heedlessly.

Carry enough money with you in form of international credit cards and cash

Get To Know the Food Choices

Every place you go would have its own type of food and therefore it would be a good idea to prepare a list of certain items and the ingredients which are common so that you can easily order food when you want and are not surprised by something that you never expected.  This is more so in case of vegetarians who have a very limited choice.

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