Rafting Adventure at Guatemala


Geography and Culture

Guatemala is a relatively small tropical country located south of Mexico. It has two mountain chains running across it due to which it is blessed with a variety of climatic regions as well as diverse ecosystems.

Despite its small size, Guatemala offers much more than you would associate it with. Its varied landscape is a wide canvas that has cool high-lands as well as the lush green tropical forests.

Along its coastal regions and scattered all around in the jungle near it, you can find mysterious and deep caves, exciting white water rivers, and the most amazing of all – the hypnotic surreal remnants of one of the most ancient civilizations of the world – the Mayan civilization.

gtmAlthough Guatemala is known best as a seat of the ancient Mayan culture, it has much more to offer.

Most of the Guatemala is a protected area to help preserve its rich cultural heritage and the biodiversity. Its culture is a rich mix of the Spanish and indigenous influences. The biodiversity reflects many species of flora and fauna.

It is also a haven for adventure seekers from all over the world because it is still one of the region’s most undisturbed by the human influences of city life.

The Guatemala Rafting Adventure

mtikalIt was with this background that we decided to go for a trip to Guatemala and explore the rich biodiversity as well as its Culture.

A rafting trip along the exhilarating rivers like the Coyolate, Cahabón and the Nahualate which flow through its entire dense jungle regions amidst the most picturesque settings is a perfect way to go around.

The adventure trip started early at the Guatemala City, and soon the spirit of adventure took over as the raft bobbled up and down the river with beautiful Jungles on both the sides.

We passed many varieties of birds which we had never seen earlier.  The dense jungles were peaceful and undisturbed as the Whitewater Rivers meandered through them.

There were occasions when we halted in between along the waterfalls where the water was cascading down beautifully and creating mist all around giving it a feeling of being in a fairy land.

The best part of our rafting trip is that you generally do not come across anyone except maybe some fellow rafters, which is interesting, because you can exchange many practical hints from them.

We carried on our trip with a stop-over at the hot springs and the famous Kamba Caves which are dark and deep, as well as the Lanquin Caves, which is a natural habitat of thousands of colonies of bats.

Some of the Guatemala’s most well-preserved Mayan ruins can be found at Tikal, a short distance from Yaxhá, where you can see the massive Mayan temples and well designed causeways of the ancient city.

The Mayan ruins were far less crowded at Yaxhá and we could explore them intimately going over the ancient Mayan monuments, statues, and buildings and getting a feel of how those ancients lived.





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