Stay at Singapore – The Marina Bay Sands Hotel


The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is an iconic landmark of Singapore and ranks amongst the best of its luxury hotel chains.

Besides the superbly luxurious hotel suites, it also boasts of many other facilities like a museum, two floating Pavilions, skating rink, a number of restaurants, amazing casino and much more.

Marina Bay Sands showcases one of the best conceptual architectural designs and gives a majestic look to the famous Marina Bay waterfront. More than a hotel, it is a world of fantasy where you can spend some of the best moments of your life and experience the traditional hospitality at its best!


This iconic resort in Singapore is located at The Bayfront Avenue and has three towers that are inter-connected by a Skywalk on their rooftops. It is an important landmark of Singapore that you cannot miss as it faces the Marina Bay.

The arrival was as exciting as the journey to the hotel was, and we were checked in briskly and efficiently by the ever-smiling reception staff.


mbpoolThe room that we were allotted was quite airy and very well designed complete with all the facilities and equipment that would make our stay comfortable. The best part of my room was that we could see the view of the entire Skyline of Singapore from our Windows.

I was told that the experience is even more delightful in the premier segment suites like the Sands Suite or Orchid Suite.

Sunset views

You can also enjoy a free laser show which is held every evening at 8 PM at the Event Plaza. This lasts for about 20 minutes.

Since it is free to public, you will find many people converging excitedly towards the venue much in advance. The show, which has its signature blend of electric lights and laser effects, makes the evening an enthralling experience at the iconic Marina-Bay water front.

mbmain2The view from the hotel is stunning as you can see the entire city as well as the scenery far away right up to the horizon. The feeling that you get cannot be explained so easily in words; it is to be experienced personally!

The sunset looks the best from the famous Infinity Pool which itself becomes surreal after the sundown as the hotel hosts the guests to an evening by the pool.


While you might feel that sunrise is the same everywhere, I would beg to differ. Waking up early to view the glorious sunrise from our 50th floor window and see the city rising from the slumber is a great experience which cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Fine Dining

The dining experience at dinner as well as breakfast the next day morning was one of the best as we devoured the umpteen varieties of exclusive mouth watering sea food dishes. The sushi was superb; one of the best I ever had!

Overall it was a wonderful experience. The myriad amenities and the overall environment of the resort were quite unique and elegant.


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