The Best Adventure Trip- Everest Base Camp


Mountaineering is one of the best and most popular forms of adventure sports and it becomes even more challenging if it is in the high altitude areas.  It poses a challenge to your stamina as well as mental robustness and not many people try to venture out in these areas.

However, the thrill of trekking in the highest mountains of Nepal is everyone’s dream.

everest1If you are planning one such trip you got to keep a watch on seasonal variations as well as the accessibility options. There are many restrictions while travelling in the Himalayas.  Although these have been relaxed slightly in the recent years to facilitate more people to visit this place and take on these adventures trips into the high and mighty Himalayas. More visitors also spell a lift in the local economy as it thrives largely on tourism industry.

The trip to the Himalayas base camp begins at Kathmandu, and involves trekking through its valleys and a steep climbs. The route passes through a number of villages which become scanty as you gain height. It is in these villages that the local Sherpas stay and can be hired.

The trek crosses these villages and goes up along the winding snow covered slopes to reach the famous Tengboche Monastery high up into the hills. You can get some of the most panoramic views of the Mountain formation of the famous Himalayan ranges from here.

All the famous peaks of the Everest like the Tawache, Lhotse, Nuptse and Ama Dablam appear strung out in a row making it a rare view to remember throughout your life.

After some rest and a day’s halt, in order to get your body is totally acclimatized to the area, the hikers have to then proceed to traverse the treacherous journey to the Khumbu Glacier, and thereafter an ascent to the famous Kala Patthar at the height of 18,192 feet, before reaching the Everest Base Camp.

Points To Keep In Mindeverest3

This is a place where you have to acclimatize longer for your journey ahead. You have to be trained to think tough and also be physically strong to endure the rivers of the high altitude climate   and carry all your protective gear and clothing with you.

Acclimatization essentially involves staying for a certain period of time at varying heights in the high altitude area so that your body gets used to the low supply of oxygen.  You have to also cut down the number of activities so that you do not get exhausted and fatigue sets in. Therefore, even before you start for the Everest base camp in Nepal you have to get acclimatized by staying at varying heights and exercising regularly for months before so that the body becomes used to the  conditions in that area.

You also have to go through a bit of medical training should you need it while you are on your ascent to the Himalayas.

You got to hire a number of Sherpas to accompany you throughout the journey and carry your heavy items of equipment and rations to last your entire outing.

It is not easy to wear all the heavy equipment of clothing all the time but you have to get used to it because without it you just cannot survive in the mountains.


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