The Best Places to See In Costa Rica


Although Costa Rica is a relatively small country; do not get carried away but its size, because it has a lot to offer as far as tourism is concerned. If you are fond of adventure tourism then you must visit the following, which are some of the best places in Costa Rica.

La Fortuna

As a town, you may not find it very interesting at first sight.  But as far as eco-adventures are concerned, this place is a “must see”.

costa2At its famous “Arenal Volcano National Park”, you will see some of the biggest varieties of palms and rare orchids in its huge forest area.  Not only that, you also get many species of rare Costa Rican birds and animals like snakes, deer, monkeys, etc.

If you are fond of exploring the volcanoes then you can take a hike along the slopes of Arenal Volcano, but you cannot go beyond half way up because of the reasons of safety.

There are many other activities that will interest you such as rafting, hiking, horseback riding, exploring the caves and of course relaxing near the water falls.

You will also find many hot springs in this area, where you can relax.


Just like La Fortunam, this is another eco-centric town which has a large area of protected forest land called the “Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.”

It is a perfect spot for wildlife lovers from all over the world as it has some of the rarest bird species like the famous Resplendent Quetzal.  It also has a hummingbird Garden as well as a butterfly garden which are both very spectacular.

Monteverde is also famous for some of the best locally produced chocolates as well as cheeses and you must try them out in one of the local restaurants.


While most of the town of Jaco appears to have all the trappings of a commercial place, the Playa Jaco beach is a good place to visit. It is the closest beach to the San Jose Airport, and hence ideal if you want to have a very short stop over.

It offers opportunities for many adventure activities like, waterfall rappelling, kayaking, canyoning, etc.

costa3There are many other beaches nearby too, which are less crowded and you may like to visit them in case you have the time.

Playa Herradura, a beach up north is much calmer and quieter than the Playa Jaco Beach. Playa Hermosa, another nearby beach is a good venue for surfing.


This is a slightly laid back beach town which is frequented by many hippies looking for a relaxing getaway.  The beach has a long stretch and is punctuated with rock formations and many tidal pools, which makes it ideal for exploring. You can also chill out on one of the beach shacks looking at the serene, deep blue waters.

If you are fond of hiking, you can also go on a self guided hike along the river and have a blissful time at the local waterfall area; which has one of the best natural pools where you can relax right in the lap of nature.

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