The Best Wine and Drinks of Argentina



Argentina is a beautiful country and one of the biggest in the South America. It is well known for the high quality of its cultural tourism and the breathtaking beauty of its countryside as well as the friendly people.

When we talk of culinary experiences, while Argentina’s food ranks quite high, not many are aware that it has some of the best drinks to offer.

Let me tell you about the best drinks that I liked here.


This is the authentic Argentinean red wine which is well known all over the world. It is made with the grapes grown along its border with Chile in the Mendoza region.

Over 75% of world’s Malbec is produced in Argentina, therefore this is what you will find in abundance and therefore, if you are a true wine lover, you should have your fill in Argentina.

There are some very good brands like Felipe Rutini, which is slightly upmarket. Else you can try the Gascon and Trapiche which are also very good

Malbec is the perfect wine to go with the cheeses and delicious local meats.

wineyerbaYERBA MATÉ

Frankly, you cannot classify this as one of the “drinks” since it is non-alcoholic, but it is the most authentic drink of Argentina. As you walk around, you will see people carrying a large metal or wooden cup with a straw. This is none the famous Yerba Mate’, made with a native leaf that has lot of caffeine and supposedly has many health benefits.

It is bitter to taste, but many first timers try it after adding sugar.


The “Fernet Branca” has its origin in Italy, and is a drink that you may not like at first go, unless you have it like the locals.  It is a syrupy, dark liquor which tastes somewhat bitter, almost like a herbal concoction that has a peculiar taste which you have to get used to; unless you have it in the way the locals do by mixing it with your aerated soft drink that makes it slightly bitter-sweet, which the locals call as the “Fernet con coca” and is easier on the taste.


This is a truly authentic Argentinean aperitif which is made by mixing various kinds of Herbs with sugar and has got a tangy bittersweet taste that will stay on your tongue for a long time.  The locals like to have it in the form of got the call as the “Gancia Batido,” which is a very sour and frothy drink which is made by mixing it with lemon juice sugar and lot of ice.  Like the Fernet, even the Gancia Batido is an acquired taste which comes slowly but stays with you thereafter.


This too of course is another Italian drink which is adopted by the Argentineans and they have some of the most delicious cocktails by mixing it with orange juice and giving it a name like “Garibaldi,” something that you should definitely try and would love to have since it because of the bitter and fruity flavor of companies with the orange giving it really is refreshing twist.

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