The Different Methods of Travelling

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The Weekend Break

If you are having a 9 to 5 job but are fond of travelling then this is one of the best ways to do it and you can explore the nearby places or the places that are well connected by air so that you can leave on Friday evenings and be back on Sunday nights after your short trip.

This is ideal for working couples and small families and they can have some quality time together exploring the nearby places by road trips or by short train rides.

type2The Package Holidays

A package holiday is ideal when you do not have much time to plan or are going to a place for the first time. It is also good because this is done by the various tour providers who give many other benefits like the local guides, transportation and even the food.

The downside of course is that you are stuck in a small crowd and have to go as per the itinerary of the tour operators.

These trips can be for a medium to a long duration from 3 days to maybe a week or 10 days depending upon the time that you can spare.

Group Tours

These are also organised tours, but unlike the package tours they have bigger crowds and shorter duration. There are all type of people of various age groups and interests and do what they want as there is a very flexible itinerary.

The advantage of a group tour is that you come to know a lot of people of different tastes and different attitudes.  The downside of course is that it is slightly disorganized.

The Road Trips

These are ideally suited for those who are fond of driving and like to travel at their own pace and comfort.

The best part is you get to stay  and spend some quality time with your family   as well as friends with whom you are travelling it is one of the best way to explore the natural beauty of areas that are nearby,  unless you decide to go by a Caravan, which you can take over a longer distance.

typ1The Backpackers

This is the style that involves slow travelling over a long period of maybe a month or even years and staying out as much as possible exploring one place and another at your own leisurely pace. These are generally the budget travelers who try to make their visits last as long as they can and minimise their cost of stay by staying in alternate cheap accommodation like a hostel and having cheaper street food.

They either travel by bicycles or on foot or sometimes take public transport over longer journeys so that the cost of travel stays low.

Budget backpacking is a Lifestyle choice of many who want to explore the world at the lowest cost.

Visiting relatives and friends abroad

This is another way to explore different countries and places and the advantages that you cut down upon your cost of stay which can be used to extend your visit and get a better perspective of the culture and the place.

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