The Enticement of the Swiss Alps


Anyone who has been fond of mountains and has been on a few expeditions around the world would know that every mountain tells its own story; and while they all look almost similar, there is something different and magnetic about the way that each one attracts you.

This is how I felt during my last visit to the Alps in the Switzerland, where I discovered rare glimpses inside the world that I did not know it existed till then.

As children, we all must have read the book “Heidi” by Johanna Spyri,  and had a glimpse in the mind of girl child who was so attached to her home with her grandfather in the Alps that nothing else mattered to her but being there into the mountains, where she belonged.

After being here in the Swiss Alps, I am sure anyone would feel the same way.

It was with this feeling that I stood in front of my Hotel Victoria Jungfrau at Interlaken and watched the sun setting slowly into the mighty Alps leaving a Halo of orange and red behind.  It was a totally magical moment that engulfed my mind.

alp1The Prelude

My hotel was well located at Interlaken with the Harder Kulm behind it and the Jungfrau in front.

We set out with the agenda of exploring the Jungfrau and came across River Aare that was flowing gently as we made our way to the fernicular station to be taken from the height of 1860 feet ride up to 4000 feet in about 15 minutes; a steep and a memorable journey that conjures up fresh images even to this day.

The breathtaking views

The view from our cable car on its way to the Summit was absolutely stunning.  Interlaken looked sort of sandwiched between the beauty of the entire world with the three mountains Monch, Jungfrau and Eiger surrounding it completely as it lay between Brienz and Thun, the two beautiful aquamarine lakes.

To add to the beauty of the surroundings, there were many para-gliders floating all around. It was a very reflective moment as we saw the sun go down slowly, wrapping up the valley in a quiet deep slumber.

Journey to Jungfrau

Our journey the next day morning was to start early as we had to leave for Jungfrau. It is right up in the summit at the top of Alps at a height of 11332 feet.

It was one of the most beautiful trips as we saw the carpets of green spread everywhere with flowers swaying in the gentle breeze and the wisps of clouds drifting from one mountain to another.

What made it even better was the switching of trains at the quaint little railway stations located in the picturesque meadows during our journey.

The Way backalp2

The journey back was equally memorable, as we crossed over some of the most fabulous views of valleys and tiny little villages tucked away into the mountains. As we reached the Schynige Platte, we came across an Alpine garden with many rare species of birds and plants which is quite a rare sight.

Back in the hotel as I reflectively watched the night fall, and saw the mountain peaks all around me glistering in the moonlight, I knew I had been to the journey of a lifetime in the most enchanting Swiss Alps.

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