The Exquisite Singapore Botanical Gardens


The Singapore Botanic Garden is a place that brings out the beauty of nature in its full glory. One could go to an extent of saying that they are like a welcome green oasis in a concrete jungle.

Pond with water lillies, Singapore Botanical Gardens. Singapore
Pond with water lillies, Singapore Botanical Gardens. Singapore

Singapore is well known for its amazing infrastructure and has an excellent connectivity. Therefore you can reach it by using any of the public transport systems. The Singapore Botanic Garden is a UNESCO world heritage site and is very well organized. A new visitor will have absolutely no difficulty getting by, because it has a perfect signage all over the complex.

You will also find many signboards with maps giving out your location as well as the routes to the surrounding complex.

The Garden is a huge area and has a number of smaller specialized gardens dotted with well kept trails. There are many water bodies with lotus leaves floating in them which along with the variety of birds make them the ideal places to relax.

As you move around, you will come across many artificial waterfalls as well as landscapes with quaint trees and dwarf fountains.  The gardens also have some ancient trees which are a big draw among the tourists.


The Singapore Botanic Gardens were founded in 1859, by the Agri-Horticulture society and played a dominant role in country’s rubber trade.

The heritage museum co located and very close the Tanglin Garden is a “must visit” place as it gives you a glimpse into the rich history of the garden.

The Orchidssingorchid

We know that the Orchid is known as the national flower of Singapore but not many are aware that Singapore is also an exporter Orchids. Its famous National Orchid garden has many varieties of hybrid orchids and is a must see for the visitors.

The Foliage Garden

The Foliage Garden too has many varieties and you can get a glimpse into the different types of plants that you never knew existed and are classified as foliage.

The Evolution Garden

This is another interesting garden that depicts the evolution process on earth – from the times the various varieties of flora and fauna emerged and started to grow.

It takes you back on time as you explore and come across some very real looking fossilized trees and plants.

Rain-Forest Walk

This is a patch that showcases some of the original rainforest trees and plants species. The landscaping is unique with a lovely wooden walk-way that takes you through the natural heritage of Singapore.

You will also come across some ancient trees- the oldest living residents of this island!

The Ginger Garden

This is in actually an herbal garden which has various other varieties of herbal plants too besides the Ginger.

Here you will find many other species of plants like the Arrowroot, Galagal and turmeric connected to ginger family.

The Lotus Pond

The area around the Ginger garden has many artificial waterfalls as well as lotus ponds and is a famous selfie spot these days.

The Swan Lake

This lake is famous not for real swans but for only their sculptures which may turn off someone who thought they would get to see the real swans. One of the many attractions here is also a 19th century Victorian style cast iron Gazebo next to the lake.

Surprisingly, the entry to the Botanic Gardens is absolutely free, except at the National Orchid Garden where you have to pay a nominal charge of 5 SGD. Also, a curious fact is that it opens very early at 5 a.m and closes only at midnight thus giving you a large timeframe in case you are one of those early bird types or wish to explore only in the late evenings.

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