The Great Outdoor Trips around Sydney


Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the best places to be at Australia.  It has so many activities that you would find it very difficult to get bored.

The events and the idyllic spots of this city will keep you engrossed for hours.  One of the biggest attractions of Sydney are its countless beaches which you can go hopping from one to another the entire day and still they would be a lot to see!

Same is the case of the museums, monuments, cafes, public parks, etc. But sometimes you need to get away from the city and enjoy the serenity of the open spaces.

This is the reason why while on my trip to Australia, after spending a few days at Sydney I thought I’d take some day trips and explore the surrounding areas around the city.

These are the memories of some of those beautiful places which are a “must see” for any traveler to Sydney.

The best part is that you there is a very efficient system of public transport which you can use to visit almost all these places without any difficulty

sydmainThe Blue Mountains

These are called the Blue Mountains because of the color it gets due to Eucalyptus Trees all over its slopes.

This is one of the most popular day trips around Sydney and is frequented by most of the visitors to the city.  Here you will find a number of hiking trails as well as vast open spaces.

It takes just about two hours to reach by train and therefore you can do it on the same day.

There are many popular spots here where you will find many visitors as well as local Australians.   Although there are many tour operators it is much better to explore it on your own as there are many stunning places which you will want to stay for longer time than what is permitted by the package tour operators.

syd1The Ku-Ring-Gai-Chase National Park

This is one of the best camping spots that you will find and is also very popular among the locals.  It is so beautiful that when you first see this, it looks as if it is straight out of nature magazines.

This is about two and a half hours away and you can visit using any of the public transport like bus or the train as well as ferry.  It has some of the most interesting disturbed locations. The basin with its crystal clear waters is one of the most beautiful places that you will ever come across.

The Royal National Park

This famous National Park is around an hour away from Sydney and showcases the rugged Australian countryside at its best. You can reach there by ferry but to be careful about the timings especially for your return trip to Sydney.

There are many trails that you would find here and you can follow any one of them and enjoy your day looking at the beautiful countryside and connect with the nature.  Do remember to carry sufficient food and water with you because you may not come across many places where you get them.

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