The Top 5 Beaches of Goa



Goa is famous for his beaches along the Konkan coast line and is one of the most visited places in India. What is so different about the beaches in Goa is that most of them have something different to offer.

I have shortlisted 5 of the famous and most visited the beaches of Goa which you should definitely see whenever you happen to visit there.

This list is definitely not all inclusive, because there are many more which would qualify to the top 5 but in my opinion these are the top five must see beaches of Goa.

goa1Palolem Beach

What is so different for this beach is that because of its scenic and circular layout, it can be seen from one end to another.  It has calm waters with a very gentle slope going down into the sea; where you can enjoy your entire day swimming or indulging in water sports.

You will find many foreign tourists as well as local fishermen in and around this beach which also has the local market as well as some of the best sea food restaurants along its approach road.

Agonda beach

If you are the type who likes to be in a quiet and peaceful place then this beach is your destination.  What you would like here is that there is hardly any traffic since there is very less connectivity which would suit many who like to spend their time in solitude, away from the crowded places.

You will also find that the price of anything that you get on Agonda beach is much less than anywhere else.

Colva Beach

Located in South Goa this beach is famous for the water sports activities and therefore if you are looking for some adrenaline pumping action then head for Colva beach.

You will also find many beach shacks that have seafood delicacies which you can enjoy along with some cold beer.

A word of caution though – it is also one of the busiest beaches of Goa.

goa3Cavelossim Beach

This virgin beach with white sand and turquoise clear waters is smaller than the most beaches but has a very quaint setting with an outcrop of black lava rocks.

This beach is slightly off the beaten track and not visited by many but is one of the best places to be in with your family if you want to spend a quiet afternoon looking at the distant sea, and enjoying a meal in the nearby shacks

Varca Beach

This is a beach with a very long stretch and is also one of the cleanest. What sets this beach apart from the others is the fact that you will find many fishermen’s boats all along the beach. This adds to the cynic charm of this place where you can spend the entire day swimming in the gentle waters of the clear blue Ocean.

You can also go for one of those Dolphin sighting trips from here, in the fishermen’s boats which they hire out to tourists.

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