Things to do in New Zealand


Get yourself a bicycle

New Zealand is a bicyclist heaven. Whether you are an amateur or a professional cyclist, you must get hold of a bicycle and explore the nation.  There are some very good options as far as the various cycle tracks are concerned and you will be able to adapt to the one that suits you.

If you are a diehard cyclist, then you can either take an Alps-to-Ocean bicycle ride and cover the entire South Island as it goes over some of the most outstanding scenic spots.

The other route is Hauraki Rail Trail. This will take you through the North Island’s breathtaking Coromandel Peninsula.

NZ#Sound out at Fiordland

These glaciated mountain landforms are assumed to have risen directly from the sea present a surreal picture of their vast wilderness and  remote inlets, The Fiordland of New Zealand is regarded as a the natural wonder of the world. You will particularly the Milford Sound.

It is a remote and Rainy thrillingly wild place where you will see some of the most dramatic fiords, snow-capped peaks and spectacular waterfalls. You can also try out going by a cruise or kayak to experience the true beauty of the picturesque Milford Sound.

nz4Try your hand at kayaking

New Zealand offers some of the best spots with its awe inspiring scenery and abundant wildlife.  You can try your hand at kayaking as it is indeed one of the world’s best kayaking destinations.

It has the perfect options that range from calm to extreme locations where the seasoned paddlers will love to take on the challenge.

New Zealand has one of the largest coastlines that are available for this sport whether you want to go for just half day trips or long outings and carry out some of the expeditions that would last for more than a week.

Take one of the leisurely treks

There is a term that New Zealanders use for slow and leisurely tracking – tramping.  With beautiful landscapes that offer varied options of mighty fjordlands, craters and snow capped mountains; New Zealand is a tramper’s paradise.

You can literally spend weeks going around the countryside discovering the beauty of the nature that surrounds you. New Zealand is simply the best tramping area on the planet.

Indulge yourself in whale WatchingNZ1

Kaikoura, Situated between Picton and Christchurch on the South Island, is known as the whale watching paradise capital of the New Zealand. Here, you can see the sperm whales all year round. Besides other whales that come during particular seasons.

Drive Thru awesome camper-vanning

If you are fond of camper-vanning there is no better place than New Zealand.  The roads out here are not at all crowded and are in excellent condition. You can see the best of scenery and as you cross beaches, fiords, glaciers and the snow covered mountains peaks.

The best part about camper-vanning is that as you go along, you can always camp  out for an overnight halt or even maybe longer duration if you like some place. You will get many such opportunities as you cross the golden meadows of the Fiordland National Park or the forested mountain drive.

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