Top Things to Do At Dublin


Dublin, the capital city of Ireland is a perfect blend of traditional and cosmopolitan Irish culture.

It is a city that has some of the best of nightclubs, museums, restaurants and relics of the past; it also has some of the best music, experimental art and theatre.

Quite incredibly, most travelers to the Emerald Isles give Dublin a skip, perhaps because they want to save on time.  But once they know the character of this city, they would want to come back for more. It takes some time to dig into this place that has been nominated as the UNESCO’s literature city.

Here are some of the things that you must do at Dublin

National Leprechaun Museum

Unlike most museums where you would expect to see just the relics of its history, here at Leprechaun  Museum you can expect much more in the terms of the rich traditions of Dublin which is a an ideal mix of theatre and history.

Rent a Bicycle

Dublin has pretty much a flat landscape and its weather is just perfect for exploring the countryside on a bicycle. It has many Victorian parks, stately Tudor homes and quaint century-old churches that will grab your attention.

You can explore the neighboring towns of Ranelagh and Portobello as well as there are quite near and have many wonderful sites that date back into the 18th century and earlier.

Get the feel of Irish literature

Home to the famous writer, the legendary James Joyce, it has many a statues and libraries with his name.

You can also go around and explore some of the pubs, cafes and institutions which were mentioned in his famous novel the “Ulysses”.

You can see many antiquated shops which have remained unchanged since his time; and in one of chemists-cum-book shop some of his fans and the book lovers meet occasionally to read out aloud from the Ulysses.

Go Vintage Shopping At the Temple Bar

Contrary to what the name suggests Temple bar is an authentic Irish pub where you can listen to some traditional music and also grab of pint or your favorite drink.

You can also scroll through it and watch people as they arrive to the miniature Plaza located right in its centre.

dub1Visit the Historic Glasnevin Cemetery

The Glasnevin Cemetery is actually a big graveyard that has the remains of Ireland’s distinguished figures like Michael Collins, Constance Markievicz, Éamon de Valera, etc.

You can also wander around the grounds and see the various Celtic crosses.  Thereafter, go down and have a drink in the well-known pub nearby curiously named as “the gravediggers”!

Witness a Hurling Match

This is a typical Irish game and is one of the most hazardous.  It has been played here for almost 3000 years and is somewhat similar to Hockey but is faster and involves lot more tackling.

You will be able to make out the popularity of this game by the sheer excitement that it generates among the people who watch it from the ringside.

Visit the Famous Abbey Theatre

Ireland has a very vibrant theatre scene and has a history of some of the greatest playwrights and actors of the world.  It has a number of plays that run in many of the halls but do not miss out a chance of witnessing one such play at the Abbey theatre which is one of the best experiences that you would get.


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