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India has much to offer as far as tourism is concerned and is one of the most visited countries in the world. However, there are many misconceptions about India and its people in the minds of those who have not been there earlier. Most of these concerns are about safety.

While it is true to an extent, there is no reason to feel that India is more unsafe than any other country. However, there are certain guidelines which you should keep in mind for your safety while travelling in India.


india3While India has huge network of Railways and bus services which are cheap, but most of them are not suitable for travelers who are used to better hygiene conditions.  Besides this, they all need bookings much in advance.  But, just in case you want to try out these cheaper mode of travel then it would be ideal if you if you book your seats in advance.

You can also get reasonably priced private taxies which are very comfortable and safe but make sure they are from trusted companies.

Avoid travelling at night

While most of the cities and tourist places are safe it is better not to travel alone at night specially if there are places which you have been to earlier or places which are isolated.  If you need to see a place at night it is better to go in a group.

india1Avoid crowded places

Although most Indians are quite friendly and respect the tourists it is better to stay away from a crowd because it invites attention and you are never sure of intention of some of the other person.

Avoid beggars

You will come across many beggars at the crossroads of most of the cities as well as at public places and tourist spots. While it is good to have a soft corner and help out someone in need, it is best avoided simply because if you give something to one, you will find yourself being harassed by many others looking for a similar generosity.

Avoid being over- friendly

It’s good to be friendly but in a new place, it would be preferable if you keep safe distance.  Most of the Indians are very friendly people and mean well, but there are also a few who will take advantage of your friendship

Eating and drinking

Try to avoid eateries along the road sides and eat only at the places known to have good hygiene standards; or just have your meals in your hotel’s in-house restaurant.

Try to keep your diet very light and healthy because most of the Indian food is either too spicy or has a lot of fat. There are many international chains of restaurants like McDonalds’, KFC, Starbucks etc which you can try safely.

Never drink water from the taps. Drink only packaged drinking water and carry a bottle with you everywhere you go.  One good thing is that you can get the packaged mineral water almost everywhere easily.

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