Why Road Trips are the Best in New Zealand


New Zealand is an ideal place for those who wish to drive a car and see the countryside at their own leisurely pace, stopping whenever they want.

My trip to New Zealand in a rental car was ideal and also one of the best when we spent a full week going all over the islands stunning locales.

Here are some of the reasons that make New Zealand the best place for road trips.

Respect for Road Rules

Driving in a country where everyone seems to be following the road rules is a very pleasant experience.  There is no unnecessarily honking anywhere, and people adhere to the speed limits and respect others right of way.

You can drive without any worry about coming across into any pedestrians or stray animals appearing out of the blue and crossing the road.

There are many roads in New Zealand that are single Lane and without any dividers; however it is not difficult to navigate them because everyone sticks to his or her own side of the road.  More importantly, no one seems to be in a great hurry to go anywhere; hence driving is not at all stressful, as it may be in some of the South Asian countries

nz3Empty Roads Beckon

Since most of the country’s population stays in Auckland in the Northern Island, you do not find many local motorists along the roads the other parts of the country. Therefore the highways as well as all the scenic roads are practically devoid of any traffic.

You can drive on miles without an accounting anyone, except maybe another tourist like you.  At the same time, you also may wonder what would you do in case there is some problems with your car – might as well carry some spares just in case!

Superb Quality of Roads

The roads are always in the best condition, without any pot-holes or uneven surfaces. The authorities ensure that the lanes are clearly marked which makes it is easier to overtake or negotiate the curve.

You will find reflective signs and markers everywhere, especially along the curvy mountainous roads to make driving safe and hassles- free.

Variety of Landscapenzani

This is perhaps the most important factor.  All along New Zealand no one place similar to the other and every place has something different it has to offer.

At times you will be crossing the lakes and suddenly you will come across mountains.  Or a herd of cows and sheep that are gazing in the long flat green patches every now and then.

You will also find some of the rare animal life and many of the varieties of seabirds as you drive along its beautiful countryside roads.

It Saves You Time

All the cities and important places of tourist interest are well connected by road. Although you also have an efficient public transport system of buses, trains and fairies, in certain stretches they may not be as regular as you want and of course they would not stop if you want to spend some time anywhere.

Therefore, in case you want to have an enjoyable journey, soaking in the sights and culture of the New Zealand then driving is the best way to go.

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